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Introduction/ Physical Attribute


I thrive on being a professional paramour, naturally doting and warm hearted, I possess a gift for making you feel comfortable from the moment we meet.  A exceptional blend of sexiness, sensuality, and substance, I will hold your attention both physically and intellectually.

Sincerity, kindness, loving honesty and open mindedness are few of

the qualities I value in myself and admire in others.  It thrillls me to discover what my other desire are and its my sincere ambition to captivate you during the time we spend together. 


Free from the entanglement of a traditional relationship, and arrangements such as ours will compel you to visit again and again. 





At A Glance Stat:


Age: 28

Hair: Medium to Long Wavy

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'0

Weight: 120

Curves: Nice Bottom

Piercing: Ears

Tatoos: Foot

Enhamcements: None


I Am All Natural

Living a healthy balanced lifestyle is important to me, I eat well and exercise on a regular. I love to pamper my body with regular spa treatments and moisturizing bath products.  I wear my makeup tastefully, using enough to enhance my natural beauty and my look is complimented with a nice spray of perfume. Overall, I have a clean natural appearance and often referred to as stunning. Most importantly my smile is genuine .



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