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I am please you are intrested in meeting and I look forward to your introduction. It is for a mutual benefityou read the entire page.

Contact to request my time is best made a day in advance, however same day request will be considered when timing permits. You are welcome to email or phone. My email and phone number is found at bottom of page.




A personal composed friendly note, that includes your name, date time you will like to meet and a phone number. I will respond by email, but I will call to complete the booking request.


Give me a call:


I am very good at answering my phone morning, noon, or night, as I am a light sleeper. If  I do not answer, you can leave me a message and please include you name, reason for calling, dates and times you will like to meet, any other important detail, and of course your number. 


I will try and return your email or call withing 24-48 hours.  If you require a response within a specific time frame, please include that information.




Phone: 414-939-9122

Light Screening:

Option 1: I aacept verified members of the following sites Prefrerred 411, datacheck,roomservice 2000, TER whitelisted.


Option 2: I accept reference from legit providers you have seen in the past. Please include phone number/ email and link to providers website or ad.


Option 3: Please provide me with your employment information, Please emial me information.



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